Frans de Waal and Richard Dawkins interview now available

Last November Richard Dawkins paid a visit to the Living Links Center to interview Frans de Waal for the TV special “On the Origin of Species.” You can read our original post about that visit here.

Update (2/24/09): The video seems to have been removed from youtube. Thanks to the commenters that let me know.

You can see selected clips, but not the interview with Frans de Waal, here.

I also heard a rumor that you can download the series via the UK version of iTunes. It does not seem to be available in the US version. Please let me know if someone verifies this.

— Darby Proctor


2 thoughts on “Frans de Waal and Richard Dawkins interview now available

  1. This video has been pulled from youtube. You get this message: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by IWC Media Limited." Is there anywhere else to view the interview?


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